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Why did I develop this framework?  As an entrepreneur,  with a focus on B2B,  I found that many of my customers simply didn't have their act together.  Their plans were very tactical and singular in focus.  Most were embedded in day to day execution roles which didn't allow them to develop vision to actually plan or validate direction.

When the 2008 recession became a reality, these entrepreneurs did not have guides or frameworks in place to be proactive and adjust to new market realities.  The result was they could not sustain themselves through the cycle.

After seeing this become a larger trend,  I felt the guides that I had built for myself would be valuable to other business people.  Most important, by helping other businesses, I could focus on what I do best - start-ups, growing revenue and profit or business turnarounds.

Applying something I've created to help other achieve their outcomes is extremely fulfilling. Life should be all about creating meaningful wins.

Who Is Mark Wodika?

Mark developed the insights that became "Value Based Outcomes" during his years climbing the corporate ladder and enhanced the framework while operating his own business for 15 years.  He has succeeded in roles as an Fortune 500 Account Executive, Sales Manager, National Account Manager, Marketing Director and as owner/founder of his own business.

He has managed budgets ranging as high as $100 million as well as his first year start-up budget of $25K. His precision, creativity and agile positioning of product and marketing programs  are proven to drive revenue and profit.

As founder of a PrimeTimeEFG, Mark became recognized for innovative new product development and pioneering brand marketing programs. He built a B2B dealer network while creating   omnichannel  programs to serve targeted consumer segments.  His market plan serves as a template for others in the industry to this day.

Now Mark is sharing these insights to bring a focused marketing and management approach to business owners of any size, in any industry. His first book in the VBO series is “Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes”.

"There is no reason why any entrepreneur can’t market their company and develop products to meet their VBOs while leveling the playing field against the Behemoth Inc.s of the world."

Cool Stuff  You Want To Know

I do have a unique competitive perspective about business that both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives easily recognize.  I've also done some pretty cool things that engage B2B customers and cosumers.  Here's a few examples


PrimeTime EFG

Founder & CEO

So how did a guy who had never even been to a Boxing Match find himself at the 'dawn of MMA'?  It's about vision.  I saw a emerging marketplace that could not be serviced through existing channels of distribution.  My strength in developing new products and creating a wholesale and dealer network catapulted the company to be recognized for innovation and championed in the North America and Europe.  PrimeTime became the gear of choice at gyms, fight teams and some of the most recognizable fighters in the world including the WWE's Undertaker.

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The VBO Framework

How Was It Developed?

Value Based Outcomes is built upon my experiences working with 'the big dogs' while I grew up in sales, product management, marketing, brand management and strategic business management - as well as my own successful 15 year run as an entrepreneur.

I took those experiences and built a framework that I have adjusted and enhanced with my own entrepreneurial success to become what you see today in "Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes".

This book is worth your time.  You'll start to ask the right questions, improve your decision making process and create clarity.  You'll become a stronger marketer.  You'll get a better handle on your business and define benchmarks that bring you success. Value Based Outcomes isn't just a book title.  It's a framework for achievement.




Coaching And Workshops

Product Management, New Product Development, Marketing and Brand Management

How do you view your company or organization?  Market driven? Key account driven? Customer driven? Product driven?  Or are you simply driving?

You'll truly become a marketer once you commit to our Value Based Outcome framework.  There's a delicate balance that must take place as you operate your company and it's based on how the entrepreneur defines success.

During our coaching and workshop modules we'll use real life examples of how I've managed the balance  to succeed and what others have done to generate VBO success.

There is an art as well as a process to achievement. Success is ultimately proven through the 'tangible', yet any entrepreneur will tell you the rewards are 'personal'.  And, guess what?  It's all about your definition of success which should be the foundation for your business.


Like What You See?

Need to take your business to the next level?  Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes is framework and process designed to help you define and achieve your plan.