Services II

VBO Workshops

Need To Recharge?  Want to look at your business from a different perspective?  These workshops are designed to apply VBO concepts to the real world.  Be Committed – it’s time to challenge some of your baseline assumptions and drive real value.



Once you've read the book, complete the assessment and send it in.  We'll provide you with a base list of action items that should be helpful to your business

Marketing & Brand Management

Are your products and brand interdependent? Is your brand and the brand promise consistent with your company's strengths?  Is your company culture supporting the brand?  Do you truly understand your brand and the role your customers/clients play in enhancing your company's reputation?    These are just a few of the opening questions we'll ask when if you look to engage our team

VBO Coaching

You’ve read the book – Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes, but now you want specific, personal insight into your business. Let’s spend some ‘us’ time together over a few cups of coffee and put your business on the road to BE MORE.

Product Management

Need to take your Product Management group to another level?  Mark has managed product lines budgeted as high as $100 million and has worked at all phases of the product lifecycle and is  internationally recognized for innovative new product development in sporting goods categories.