The Book

Corporations spend big bucks on strategic market planning. Big, Big, Bucks. There’s an overabundance of books and tools bought by the executive suites and handed down to the cubical farms of corporate America. Their genesis is the Harvard Business Review and their focus is the Fortune 500. Unfortunately, these tomes all have one thing in common –to implement they require resources most entrepreneurs manage only in their dreams.

Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes serve as the foundation of a business which define the entrepreneur’s personal and professional vision for being in business. The chief reason for creating and defining VBOs is to develop clarity of purpose. This unwavering focus allows the businessperson to customize a disciplined, priority based decision making approach for strategic and tactical planning to meet selected Outcomes. Yes, numbers are important, but business should be centered on the substance and process of achievement i.e. creating optimum value. It’s the only way to establish a sustainable business and grow to the level planned for by your Value Based Outcomes.

The focus of Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes is about generating value for the entrepreneur, their company, marketplace and customer. It’s about achieving outcomes consistent with personal and professional goals while managing to the priorities defined by your strategic and tactical plans. But, most importantly, Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes, is a framework built to achieve well defined strategic and tactical plans while developing the discipline of clarity throughout your company.  The result is successful implementation at each step as a matter of natural progression rather than as an inconsistent, reactive, emotional and intense super human effort to keep your head above water.

Sooo, what makes Marketing Through Value Based Outcomes different from other marketing strategy books?  It’s our framework that we visualize as a pyramid.

The framework is based on the reality entrepreneurs’ face on a daily basis. While other business books are driven by ‘corporate sensibilities’, Marketing Though Value Based Outcomes focus is on the entrepreneur. This approach is based on Mark’s personal experience bootstrapping his own business as well as his years marketing for a Fortune 500 company. Mark knows the stress points of both small business and the large scale Behemoth Inc.s. Few have received this unique education and fewer can bring it to life for the entrepreneur.

The VBO Framework takes the complex and makes it easy to visualize. The VBO Hierarchy is based on the core tenets of Outcomes, Strategic and Tactical Planning and Implementation. By identifying the key elements of each planning and action factor, we can develop a straight line focus and synergy that leads each entrepreneur to successfully achieved outcomes.

The wide base foundation defines personal and professional outcomes which illuminate your reason for operating a business. The Strategic Elements come next followed by What If Scenarios and a DVAA analysis. Once we are confident, consistent and aligned, we address tactical issues and bring context to planning and implementation concerns. Finally, at the top of the pyramid is implementation of the plans designed to drive success.

Our framework also introduces process elements and the DVAA (Define, Validate, Align Assumptions) review as the entrepreneur works to finalize Strategy, Tactics and Implementation plans. These process elements create an entrepreneur’s personalized filter to evaluate and prioritize opportunity costs. The overriding, never changing focus of the framework is to drive exceptional value to the customer while achieving the Entrepreneur’s Value Based Outcomes.

This VBO Framework, through its focus on Outcomes, helps the entrepreneur ‘level the playing field’ to overcome the inherent disadvantage of competing against larger companies. The elusive ingredient that many an entrepreneur omits from their ‘secret sauce’ is to have the confidence to develop agility and act with clarity of purpose. The resulting, precision and vision generates advantage at every turn resulting in sophisticated, yet implementable marketing strategies. The benefit is synergy, momentum and inertia that always carries a business North